Saturday, March 19, 2016

Amish builders to the rescue...

Today John and I took a trip out to our property in Portland, New York.  It is a place that holds our dreams and aspirations.  So even though we just completed a long road-trip to and from Virginia, we hopped back in the car and drove the hour and 15 minutes to the place of our future home.  

Last year we faced many unexpected financial challenges.  These challenges delayed any building or progress on our property.  We struggled just to maintain the progress we had made.

January brought with it renewed resolve and the planning began in earnest.  Our goal for 2016 was to have the barn up by the end of the year.  This would give us a place for storage as well as a place to stay when working on the land.

So in the Fall of last year my husband reached out to the Amish community.  He found a family that builds sheds and barns.  After some discussion we felt confident we had found the right folks to help us with the barn.  John and I agreed we would visit our new Amish friends in the Spring to arrange the details.

With the mild Winter waning, we decided to pay Eli a visit and get the ball rolling on our barn.  Eli gave us some shocking news.  He and his family don't build barns anymore.  We were at a loss.  John asked if there was anyone else Eli would recommend.  Sure enough he gave us directions to another Amish farm, not far from our property.

It was easy to spot the right farm.  Not only was there a sign but also, 2 newly built sheds and 1 cabin ready for delivery.  John spoke with the builder and got the full tour of both sheds and cabin. He was impressed.

We decided to go for it and placed an order! We gave the builder a deposit and were told he will start building our little 12x16 barn in a week.  He invited us back anytime.  We were even able to arrange delivery for when John is on vacation at the end of April.

We are super excited.  We have about a month to prep the site.  And just to keep all our options open, John asked if they build houses. Edwin said he didn't but he gave John some information about an Amish man who does... the adventure continues....